A Senior 55+ Community


A Senior 55+ Community

A Senior 55+ Community

Community Q&A

Darrel and Carol Macey, owners of Lampliter Village, have been involved in the Manufactured/Mobile Home industry for over 45 years.

This page provides their answers to common questions and a forum to discuss topics related to living in a manufactured home community.


Here are some sample questions often asked by prospective home buyers:

Q. What is the difference between a “mobile” home and a “manufactured” home?
A.  The name “mobile” home is a Federal designation for a home built in a factory on a frame with axles and wheels, prior to June, 1976. A “manufactured” home is a Federal designation for a home built in a factory, on a frame with axles and wheels, to the HUD building code AFTER  June 1976. However, the name “mobile home” is still used to describe both products. The date of manufacture as shown on the title is the authority.

Q.  If I buy a home in Lampliter Village and later wish to sell it, can I list it with a broker?
A. You are free to sell your home at any time, even if your lease has not expired. A broker must be licensed by the Office of Manufactured Homes. A licensed manufactured/mobile home broker can sell your home, or you can sell it yourself.

Q.  Understanding that your park is age-restricted, can my grandkids come visit?
A.  Grandchildren are welcome to come visit. (See park Rules and Regulations for details). Residents must accompany any under-age person wanting to use the pool to assure proper conduct, and allow others to enjoy swimming as well.

Q. You state that your rents are lower than other similar parks. Why is that so?
A. Most parks are owned by corporations, whose expenses are far greater than ours. We are very fortunate that we have owned Lampliter Village for 31 years, and have lower operating costs, which means we can charge less rent.

Q. Do mobile/manufactured home measurements all include the 4 foot hitch?
A. Not necessarily. Some manufacturers measured overall length and some measured only the length of the structure. That length was stated on the title by the manufacturer.

Q. How is ownership of a mobile/manufactured home recorded and what document does an owner hold?
A. In Arizona, if it is located on leased land (in a park),  a mobile/manufactured home is issued a title, similar to that of a vehicle.
If it is located on private property an “Affadavit of Afixture” can be applied for. In either case the County Assessor establishes the assessed value.

Q. Are the costs for heating and cooling a manufactured home high?
A, Depending on the individual’s desired temperature and the size of the home, the cost will probably be less than in a site-built home. When we sold the new homes in Lampliter Village we always added extra insulation and adjustable storm windows. Also, the park has less expensive Natural Gas, not more costly Propane Gas. The cooling is usually done by an Evaporatiove Cooler, much cheaper than Refrigerated Air Conditioning.

Q. There seem to be many homes for sale. Why is this?
A. Because our community is a Senior community, we have some turnover due to the advanced ages and declining health of some of our residents.